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SnapShooter 2007 螢幕捕獲工具,使你捕捉你桌面或整個窗口


SnapShooter 螢幕捕獲工具,使你捕捉你桌面或整個窗口。

SnapShooter2007 is a screen capture program that allows you to capture your entiredesktop or active windows and automatically save the snapshot in JPG,PNG, TIFF or GIF format. The program includes additional plug-ins thatallow you to add a watermark, transfer images to a Bluetooth device,forward captures via email, upload to a HTTP/FTP server and more. Otherfeatures include dual-monitor support, interval capture, custom namingvariables and more.

» Download SnapShooter 2007 Installer (1.3 mb)
» Download SnapShooter 2007 Zip Archive (1.5 mb)