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MultiMonitorTool 1.86 繁體中文免安裝,電腦多螢幕管理軟體

MultiMonitorTool 是一款免費的多螢幕管理軟體。這款小工具還提供螢幕預覽視窗,可預覽每個螢幕的顯示狀態。用它來啟用或螢幕、設定主要螢幕、儲存或載入所有螢幕的設定、把視窗搬移到另一個螢幕,這些動作甚至可以使用純指令來控制,還提供了螢幕預覽視窗,可以觀察每個螢幕的輸出顯示狀態。這些動作除了可從程式介面執行外,亦可在不顯示程式介面的情況下從命令列執行。
MultiMonitorTool is a small tool that allows you to do some actions related to working with multiple monitors. With MultiMonitorTool, you can disable/enable monitors, set the primary monitor, save and load the configuration of all monitors, and move windows from one monitor to another. You can do these actions from the user interface or from command-line, without displaying user interface. MultiMonitorTool also provides a preview window, which allows you to watch a preview of every monitor on your system.


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