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Textaizer Pro 4.3 – 製作文字 ASCII 藝術圖 (內附繁中)

Textaizer Pro 可以製作文字拼圖、ASCII拼圖等功能。 Textaizer Pro 設置選項非常豐富,足夠讓你折騰一陣子。生成的效果可以保存為圖片、文本和HTML 格式的文件。

首先要安裝 "setup.exe"

然後就可以運行 "TextaizerPro4.exe"



Textaizer Pro is a text mosaic creator with extensive possibilities to also create genuine ASCII art.

What can you do with Textaizer Pro?

You can turn any picture into little pieces of art by re-painting its bitmap from a text. Simply choose a text file and the target picture and press the button. Hide your text in a picture and send it to your loved one as a 'secret' message. Or simply create and print balloons from 'happy birthday' words.

Is Textaizer Pro a unique program?

Yes. Many ASCII art applications can be found on the internet and also some text mosiac creators. Textaizer Pro is however one of the few programs that combines these two possibilities and above all it's freeware. And that makes Textaizer Pro unique.