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VistaMizer 將XP界面轉換Vista樣式

VistaMizer專門用來將Windows XP, MCE或者Server 2003界面轉換成Vista的樣式。軟件安裝後需要重新啟動,支持卸載。需要修改大量系統文件,請謹慎安裝,建議先建立還原點。VistaMizer包括很多圖標、風格、屏幕保護和壁紙。

With VistaMizer you can transform your Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003 into the look of Windows Vista. Therefore over 380 files with new Icons, pictures as well as videos are modified. This means that VistaMizer does not provide own files and change your system files. That has the advantage that VistaMizer works with each language and no changes of the language specifics are made. The installer is so developed that you have completely the change which will be modified and which not. Even if you select files, which are possibly not at all on your system available or not compatible, the application recognizes this and jumps over these. This ensures that the system does not become unstable because of wrong modification. After updates if your system data are overwritten, then a renewal of these is possible by using an extra program that is linked by the VistaMizer. The application examines thereby, which files are updated and re-modify only these. This means a very fast re-modification and it is always the current data in the Backup. However if the result of the installation should not assure to you, you have the possibility to get back the old system by an un-installation. If newer files are already present in the system by updates, this is recognized by the un-installer and only the modified files will be replaced.

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