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FLV Extract 1.6.2 – 提取flv檔之mp3和avi

現在很多程式都可以直接抓取youtobe,nico之類影音網站的FLV原始檔, 有時想把裡面歌曲放到隨身聽裡 ,這時藉由FLV Extract這個程式就可輕易抽出FLV檔案裡的MP3 ,FLV Extract是一個視頻工具,可以將FLV文件中的音頻和視頻提取出來。它使用方便,效果也很好,可以將視頻文件保存為支持H.263/FLV1和VP6/FLV4的AVI格式,音頻文件保存為MP3格式。FLV Extract可以將flv檔中的聲音跟影像分離出來得到mp3跟avi檔,並非轉錄方式來進行,所得到的將是無損。




要裝.NET Framework 2.0 (x86, x64)

v1.6.2 (Binary and Source)

下載連結 :



Extracts video and audio from FLV files without decompressing or recompressing. The video is saved as AVI (H.263/FLV1 and VP6/VP6F) or raw elementary stream (H.264/AVC). The audio is saved as MP3, AAC (with ADTS headers), Speex, or WAV (PCM).

NOTE: You cannot change the video/audio format that FLV Extract outputs. It depdends on what is contained in the FLV file. If you need a different format, you'll have to use other software to convert it. Or, ffmpeg (command line) can extract from FLV and convert in one step.

NOTE: The AVIs will not play unless you have the right decoders. ffdshow-tryouts can decode FLV1 and VP6F; make sure they're enabled in its configuration dialog.

NOTE: H.264 elementary streams are not widely supported by players, but you can use DGAVCDec to load them with AviSynth for editing.

Command line version 1.6.2 has been ported to C++ by TheProphet. It is available as source code and requires Boost to compile.