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SFX Compiler

SFX Compiler 是一個簡單好用的「自我解壓縮程式」製作工具,如果想要把某些檔案打包成單一的 EXE 執行檔的話,可以試試這個方便的工具,您只要將所要封包的檔案一一加入清單中,再按下「Create」,就可以製作出自解壓縮 *.exe 檔。

SFX Compiler operates on Windows 95/98/ME/XP/64/NT4/2000

SFX Compiler is a freeware program which enables you to add multiple files into one self-extracting file. This can be useful for distribution. If you are a software developer and need to send your program to your users, you can easily compile all your required files into one archive with a .Exe extension. Non-software developers can benefit from this program too.

Download v2.05 (1.85 MB)