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Copy Muppy

Copy Muppy 是一款用於從一個位置向另一個位置拷貝或者移動文件夾的簡單易用的備份實用工具。只需要選擇需要包含到備份當中的文件夾,設置文件過濾類型以及在處理之前 指定是否需要進行按日期比較的選項即可。該軟體沒有提供內置的計劃安排功能,但是卻提供了命令行切換功能以便通過第三方工具或者 Windows 的任務管理器自動化備份操作。

Copy Muppy operates on Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT4/2000

Copy Muppy is a backup utility which has list management support. Simply specify which folders you want to work with, then start copying. Backup your contents safely and reliably. This program offers straight-forward design and full control through various options. Command and switch support is also available for automatic scheduled backups.

Download v1.0 build #9 (1.77 MB)