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STOIK Imagic 4.0 Free Browser 多功能相片閱覽管理工具

[應用平台] Windows 2000/XP/Vista

隨著數碼相機的流行,以及很多手機都加入了拍攝照片的功能,我們的數碼照片數量隨即驟增。要方便瀏覽及管理自己拍攝的作品,我們需要一些實用的相片管理軟件,在眾多免費的閱圖軟件中,發現STOIK Imagic 4.0 Free Browser的功能既整備又實用,確是值得推介。

STOIK Imagic Free Browser enables you to import, organize, enhance and share your digital photos. In addition to a thumbnail image browsing, the program includes a complete set of enhancement tools to adjust white balance, exposure, contrast, color curve, sharpness, lens distortion and more. The image enhancements can be applied manually or with the help of an improvement wizard. STOIK Imagic Free Browser also includes a set of additional tools that enable you to create contact sheets, web galleries, standalone EXE slideshows, screensavers, images collages, and even a fully automatic panorama stitching tool. You can organize your images with the help of personal ratings, categories, Other features include sending (resized) images by email, CD burning, camera import, EXIF support, image comparison, RAW conversion and more.

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