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Pixia ver. 4 來自日本的免費繪圖軟體

Pixia 是一個來自日本的免費繪圖軟體,而且功能豐富的繪圖軟體,不僅基本功能一應俱全,從基本的各種繪圖工具、選取工具、調色盤等一應俱全,進階的功能還有無限數量的圖層、最大尺寸 10240x10240 點、各式濾鏡、100 層復原等等。在硬體支援方面,支援 TWAIN32 裝置可以直接掃描圖片,支援數位繪圖版可以根據不同壓力畫出粗細不同的線條。

Pixia is a freeware bitmap graphics editor program for Windows, created by Isao Maruoka. It was originally designed for the anime/manga community but has also been used in other branches of art.

Besides the primary Japanese interface, it is also available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Polish, Korean and German. The program supports multiple layers, transparency effects, standard file formats and a number of RGB file formats including .PSD. The main file extension used by this program is .PXA. The program also has a native support for Wacom tablets, for example the 4.2a version added support for Wacom Bamboo tablets.

** System Requirements **


Windows Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista

This is not to guarantee its functions on all environments.

There can be exceptions due to numerous number of combinations of drivers, devices, etc.

32 megabytes of RAM or over (As much as possible)

Super VGA monitor (with the screen resolution set to at least 800 x 600)

High Color or True Color (16bit/24bit/32bit) Pixia does not work on 16 or 256 color environment.

Optional: Pressure sensitive tablets (WACOM, Oce-Japan)

下載 pix42ae.exe (4,865KB)