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Panda – One Click USB Virus Protection

【軟體名稱】:Panda - One Click USB Virus Protection

Disabling autorun in Windows is a must especially if you’re like me whodoesn’t run an antivirus. Most of the time an experience computer useris able to determine if a file is dangerous or not by looking at theicon, file name, double extension, file size and where it is downloadedfrom. No matter how experience or smart the computer users is, some dayhe/she will be careless. I can never forget that one nasty virusmanaged to get into my computer and corrupted all my executable (.exe)files because I was “careless” and tired after a hard days work. All Idid was open My Computer, double click on the drive letter to access myUSB pen drive and poof! that activated the virus via hidden autorun.inf.

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