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Diskeeper Lite 7.0 Build 418


不論您的電腦有多好,一定都會產生磁碟碎片,而磁碟碎片會造成系統執行效能變差,這意味著 - 網頁、檔案及程式的存取都會變慢,Diskeeper 可以自動消除磁碟碎片,讓電腦隨時保持在最佳效能!完全取代 Windows 所內建的磁碟重組工具。

 Diskeeper Lite is a short version introduction to full-featured Diskeeper. Diskeeper Lite can only analyze fragmentation levels and run manual defragmentation on one disk volume at a time. All time and money saving Set It and Forget It® scheduling, system management functions and network controls are shown and explained, but rendered inoperative. This tool will show you how easy the full version is to install and operate across any size network . Diskeeper Lite will help everyone in their selection of the right automated defragmentation software for their homes and/or business sites.

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