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SQLite Database Browser – SQLite 數據庫編輯管理

SQLite Database Browser,免費開源,支持簡單的創建/打開/修改/刪除SQL 數據庫

SQLite Database Browser v1.3適用於SQLite v3

sqlitebrowser_200_b1_win.zip 7.3 MB
sqlitebrowser_200_b1_osx.zip 17.7 MB
sqlitebrowser-1.3-osx.dmg 2.4 MB
sqlitebrowser-1.3-win.zip 1.4 MB

SQLite Database Browser is a freeware, public domain, open source visual tool used to create, design and edit database files compatible with SQLite. It is meant to be used for users and developers that want to create databases, edit and search data using a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, without the need to learn complicated SQL commands. Controls and wizards are available for users to:

  • Create and compact database files
  • Create, define, modify and delete tables
  • Create, define and delete indexes
  • Browse, edit, add and delete records
  • Search records
  • Import and export records as text
  • Import and export tables from/to CSV files
  • Import and export databases from/to SQL dump files
  • Issue SQL queries and inspect the results
  • Examine a log of all SQL commands issued by the application