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Easy Image Modifier 批次縮圖、格式轉換

  • 軟體名稱:Easy Image Modifier
  • 軟體版本:1.2
  • 軟體語言:英文
  • 軟體性質:免費軟體
  • 檔案大小:225KB
  • 系統支援:Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • 官方網站:按這裡
  • 軟體下載:按這裡


    • 支援多圖檔批次操作
    • 支援多種命名與排序方式
    • 提供依尺寸或依比例等方式的縮圖模式
    • 支援垂直、水平翻轉圖檔,或90度、180旋轉圖片功能
    • 可將圖檔重新儲存成JPG、PNG或BMP格式
    • 支援將JPG壓縮比例設定、並可清除圖檔中的meta資訊
    • 支援英文、德文、西班牙文、法文、葡萄牙文與瑞典、羅馬尼亞..但沒中文。
    • 免費、免安裝的可攜式軟體

    Change the resolution, orientation, format and name of a single image or a collection in a comfortable and easy way.
    Even advanced operations like removing meta informations, flipping, resizing unproportionally or sorting your images are easy to manage.
    Furthermore the used drag'n'drop technique simplifies the selection of wanted files.
    The key feature is the pure easiness. For example you can change the resolution just with some clicks.

    Main Features

    • modify multiple images just with one single click
    • rename and sort in various ways
    • shrink and/or enlarge the resolution to a dimension or by a percentage
    • change the orientation: flip or rotate the images
    • optional changing of the file format
    • extra options for jpg files: remove meta infos, set compression
    • advanced resize options: ignore a dimension, resize unproportional
    • rename & replace or save at a self-chosen location
    • multilingualism: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Romanian
    • portable: extremely small, just one executable, no installation

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