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Home Web Server 一個簡單易用的網絡服務器


它支援檔案傳輸,虛擬目錄,禁止 IP 位址;改變目錄,下載檔案...
並提供了一個基於 web 為基礎的的管理介面;


Home Web Server is easy to use Web Server, that allows you to serve web pages directly from your PC. You can set up user accounts, use server- replace-tags in your html code and monitor individual file downloads. It supports banned IP addresses, server internal redirects, multiple domain and root aliases, secure connection (https), cgi and isapi extensions (php) and allows you to change default ports..

This product has been compared quite often to commercial and of course also to some of the available freeware web servers, with the resulting fact that this product really has everything put into good package with very easy user interface and in most cases Home Web Server has the greatest coverage of features supported.

These pages you're looking at the moment is one good example of what it's cabable of. Even these pages have grown quite big, there is lots of details that is only possible to create with Home Web Server as easy as it's here. Please take a look of CGI and ISAPI applications available for download on these pages also. They all can be run on the Home Web Server with almost no work required at all.

File(s) HomeWebServerInstall.exe
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