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[應用平台] Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

現在有很多圖片尺寸編輯器,大部分都是簡單地重新編輯圖片尺寸等功能。所以如果你想找一個軟體來重新編輯圖片的尺寸的話也許最好還附有一些其他別的功能。 Imgares就是這樣的軟體,與其他的圖片編輯軟體有點不同。不過它仍然是以編輯圖片尺寸為主,支援批量拖拉圖片到軟體中進行編輯,當然用戶也可以使用 常規的瀏覽圖片來進行選擇

Image files from digital cameras are far too large to send over the Internet. With Imgares, in a few clicks you can shrink batch of photos, and reduce transfer times. Simply drag&drop your photos to the application's window, change the size and press "Start".
Imgares also enables you to rotate photos, add text to them and make a slideshow (as a movie). All of these in "batch" mode, that is - you can process many of images at once.

下載 Imgares
Version: 1.44
System: Windows, Size: 1.2 MB