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FastPictureViewer 1.00 Build 23.6

FastPictureViewer 是一個圖像瀏覽軟件,提供 了左右鍵不同程度的放大功能,用戶可設定 50%至 6400% 的放大程度,在 觀看相片的微細位置時十分方便。軟件本身的圖像讓取速度巳很快,但用乍 仍可於其Options視窗打開GPU加速令速度更上一層樓。FastPictureViewer需 使用WIC-Compliant Codec、Windows Vista的用戶可直接使用,然而Windows XP的用戶就需先下載微軟的Windows Imaging Component

FastPictureViewer is a small and very fast application, so simple that it's purpose might not be immediately apparent. As a minimalist picture viewer, the program is optimized to do just one task: browse entire folders of digital photos in the shortest possible amount of time, while allowing for quick sharpness checks by instant flipping to 100% view and enabling single-click, fast copy of the keepers to a preset folder and single-keystroke Adobe XMP rating/labeling. That's about it. Of course FastPictureViewer can also be used for speed-browsing, rating or labeling an existing picture collection, but it does not offer any image editing, enhancing or cataloging function.

The entry-level, free-to-try Home Basic edition supports JPEG and the new Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp, *.wdp) image file format along with Adobe XMP metadata for rating and labels, in embedded and/or sidecar file form, and DirectX hardware acceleration on select graphic cards.

FastPictureViewer 1.00 (Build 023.6) - April 12, 2008

(90-days Home Basic Edition, 1.28MB, digitally signed, malware-free)