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Dictate 5.0.0,微軟免費 Office 套件,可實現多國語音輸入、直接翻譯多國語言

微軟在最近推出了一個叫做 Dictate 的套件,它能夠藉由 Cortana 的幫助,支援聲控語音輸入,讓使用者未來可以有機會利用語音輸入的方式打 Word 檔和寄 Outlook 電子郵件,甚至也支援 PowerPoint 簡報。Dictate 可以錄製 20 種語言,微軟聲稱驅動 Dictate 的 AI 可以提供 60 種語言 (包含中文) 的即時翻譯。使用者可以利用一般日常用語作為指令,並且可以支援「標點符號」、「換行」以及一些編輯和格式相關的功能,或者也可以直接用「自動標點符號」測試 AI 的語言精準度。

wmos.info 2017-07-03 at 8.33.00 pm

You can speak much faster than you can type, so what if you could type with your voice? With Dictate, a new project released through the Microsoft Garage, you can. The add-in works with Outlook, Word and PowerPoint for Windows and converts speech to text using the state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence imbued in Microsoft Cognitive Services, including the Bing Speech API and Microsoft Translator.

The add-in enables transcribing voice in more than 20 languages and also supports real-time text translation of up to 60 languages. Spoken commands give users the ability to create new lines, delete, add punctuation and more to format the text.

須安裝.NET Framework 4.5才能使用。

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