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TopStyle Lite 3.5 for Windows

功能專注於CSS設計的輔助工具,功能相當多,附有CSS碼檢查功能,減少寫錯的機會,尤其是它的HELP文件中詳細的CSS指令介紹,很適於用作參考文 件與初次接觸CSS的人做為學習使用。如果你想進一步認識網頁設計,做出更有風格有別於一般網站的網頁,勿必要趁早接觸CSS喔!

TopStyle Lite is a free version of TopStyle that contains an extremely small subset of the features found in the Pro version of TopStyle. Most importantly, TopStyle Lite is strictly a simple CSS editor, whereas TopStyle Pro is a full-blown XHTML, HTML and CSS editor. However, if all you want is a very basic CSS editor, TopStyle Lite will serve you very well.

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