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PDF Viewer for Windows – 解決 PDF 檔案預覽問題

從 Windows Vista 開始,微軟加入了「預覽窗格」的設計,讓部分文件在不實際開啟檔案的情況下,也能閱讀其內容,省去了得實際開啟才能閱讀文件的麻煩,這對管理大量文件的使用者來說,無疑是件好事。新推出的 Windows 7 也承續了這個功能,儘管在系統中裝了可以開啟 PDF 的 Adobe Reader (或 Adobe Acrobat),但在預覽窗格中卻是「沒有預覽可用」。針對這個問題,網路上已經有了解決方案,經過修正登錄檔中的字串數值,就可以讓這個功能順利恢復。嫌步驟麻煩、怕改錯?別擔心,這裡介紹給你一個快、狠、準的解決方法。

這款程式名為 PDF Preview for Windows ,用途一目了然。在操作上也相當簡單,只要安裝即可。在PDF 縮圖顯示的程式,讓使用者在檔案總管中能看見不同的 PDF 文件的縮圖,而非一成不變的檔案圖示。

PDF Preview for Windows


Version: 1.00 (build 36)
Download Size: 3854868 bytes [3765 KB] (3.68 MB)
Server Location: United States
Limitation: Freeware, no limitation


Preview PDF document
PDF document can be previewed in thumbnail when it is not opened via the Preview Handler interface in Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Thumbnail PDF Icon
The icon of your PDF document is generated on the fly according to the content of the first page of your PDF document.

Support PDF files of all versions
Just install the software, and it works with all versions of PDF files.

Fast display
The preview thumbnail can be displayed instantly after you mouse click on it.

High-quality rendering
PDF Preview for Windows 7 gives your PDF files a high-quality preview thumbnail.

Work with 86 different languages
PDF files with Asian, Hebrew, Arabic et al fonts can be opened and viewed without difficulty.

64-bit optimization
On Windows 7 64-bit operating system, PDF Preview works as twice as much faster than on 32-bit.


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