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Alleycode HTML Editor

AlleycodeHTML Editor 這個 HTML 編輯提供向即時的提供提供雙向同步的代碼/設計見解的 Synchro見解。把對快速訪問來說的分配特色提供給項目,是不同尋常的你的檔的房地產見解的草皮見解帶迅速地右鍵單擊控制。也提供CSS嚮導,製造的全面的頁面格式嚮導/也更新內在或者外部的頁面格式(CSS1-CSS2)。HTML 生產引擎有可調整的句法突出和詳盡的 HTM3.2-4.1, CSS 和 PHP 函數參考。

Alleycode HTML is a unique HTML editor with many features and two way synchronized code/design view (Synchro View). The Synchro View enables you to see the HTML page in a browser preview, while writing the code, and also click on any element in the rendered page, and have the cursor jump to the corresponding code section. Alleycode also comes with customizable syntax highlighting, CSS style sheet wizard and most other common editor features, as well as a meta tag optimizer and support for PHP code. Other features include a Turf view (full screen) as well as project support.

.EXE format (1.5 MB). Easy one step self-extracting executable.
Download Alleycode  alleycodesetup.exe - Download from this site.