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VistaTweaker 0.5 Beta – 系統調較工具 – 只支援 Vista 作業系統

VistaTweaker 是一款免費的 Vista 的系統調整設置工具,可以打開或關閉不少常用的Vista特性,包括系統、Windows介面、IE流覽器和軟體四部分。它並非一款“優化軟體”,而只是一個簡單的調整工具,介面簡潔,實用高效。

VistaTweaker is a complete tweaking utility designed for windows vista. Has software, performance, usability and other kinds of tweaks to improve the overall Vista experience. It’s easy to use and provides descriptions for every tweak and setting. It’s currently in development and features are being added over time
It works on XP and Vista, but there are tweaks that works only on Vista.