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編輯WMV 、RM 、FLV 、MPG格式影片的利器 Movica Beta 6.6 中文版

Movica 是一款支援多種影片格式的免費編輯軟體,使用者可以透過簡單的介面來對所擁有的影片進行編輯,你能夠任意存取影片中的每一個部分,也能夠輕易的對影片進行合併或分割,不論是要對某一個畫面的細部進行調整,或是對影片進行擷取,全部都難不倒 Movica。而且 Movica 的特殊之處在於支援了 WMV 、RM 、FLV 以及 MPG 等較少被支援的影片格式,讓使用者在需要對這些格式的影片進行編輯時,能夠有一套容易上手的工具可以使用。

注意:需安裝有 .Net framework 2.0 才能使用此軟體

Editing AVI files is easily done through VirtualDub but for .wmv, .flv, .rm and .mpg files the tools are less easily available. Some very good command line tools are available for editing these files viz.

If you have Real Producer Basic 11 installed on your computer you may be able to use Movica to edit .rm files.

Movica is just a graphical user interface that uses these fine programs to edit movie files. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on keyboard shortcuts to make the job of editing easier.

Briefly what you can do is -

- Select or delete multiple portions from a video file.
- Copy, paste and fine tune the selections.
- Join multiple files together
- Split movies into smaller files
- Save and play selected scene without editing the movies