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KillCopy v2.85

KillCopy 來自俄羅斯,一個不錯的增強型文件移動、複製工具,支持多國語言、可換皮膚,其特色是——具有眾多的文件傳輸選項(如復製完畢後自動關機),同時還支持斷點複製,而且複製文件的速度比Windows本身的要快(複製大文件時效果非常明顯)。

Program for copy files by network. Can also copy files on local drives - sometimes it can speed up copy of large files by 2-3 times. User-frendly skin based interface. Build-in explorer shell make is very simple in use. You can download any files and directories by pressing right button and choosing KillCopy to.. to change target directory. KillCopy can shutdown system after copy completes, can play sound and ask user to open target directory. KillCopy can copy files to some targets simultaniously. Also you can start KillCopy from command line.

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