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WinGuggle 1.3 一按尋回遺失的Vista註冊碼

Windows XP 要找回註冊碼相信絕不是難事,只要動動手指在網上隨便都會找到不少相關工具。但假如遺失的是 Windows Vista 又如何呢?不用擔心,只要大家手上擁有安裝光碟就可使用 WinGuggle 輕鬆尋回註冊碼,以後就可重裝系統無後顧之憂。另外除了註冊碼外它還提供了 Microsoft Office 產品碼找尋,當中更可修改 OEM 製造商資料及 Logo。

WinGuggle is a small application for Microsoft Windows Vista that can display the Windows Vista product key and the OEM information of the current installation. The product key might come in handy if you need to reinstall the operating system and can’t find the original product key or if you want to check the product key in case you are running more than one computer with Windows Vista and don’t know which computer is using which product key.



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