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Free CD Ripper 3.1

現在家中的音響以及隨身聽已經不是唯一的音樂來源了,更多人使用每天工作都要用到的電腦來聽音樂。而且硬碟機與各種可錄製光碟的容量也不斷變大,使得使用電腦來處理數位音樂變得更經濟。如果你想要將既有的音樂 CD 轉換為 MP3 等壓縮格式的音樂檔案,你會喜歡 Free CD Ripper 這個免費的轉換程式的。

Free CD Ripper is a powerful, professional software which can extract Digital Audio tracks from an Audio CD into sound files on your hard disk. You can save CD audio tracks to CD-quality WAV files or encode them to OGG Vorbis or MP3 compressed audio format. With its powerful sound engine, Free CD Ripper extracts with high speed and quality. Free CD Ripper supports Freedb and ID3 tagging so you can automatically download CD track information and save them in the encoded file. It supports WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG--these four kinds of popular audio formats, and it would not produce new medium files.