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MjM Free photo recovery software 0.0.13

MjM Free Photo Recovery Software 將恢復從一塊記憶卡已經被刪除的圖像或者從已經被格式化的記憶卡恢復圖像。該軟體簡單易用的介面將自動地偵測位於讀卡器當中的媒體存儲卡並且對其進行掃 描,同時顯示在掃描期間發現的圖像的縮略圖。你可以採用全屏模式瀏覽每張照片並且可以全部恢復或者只保存選擇的圖像。在瀏覽期間,首先通過 Windows 從記憶卡刪除所有的圖像,然後該軟體尋找並且恢復所有的照片。之後格式化相機當中的記憶卡並且重新進行搜索,然後再一次找到所有的圖像(在格式化後恢復的 結果或許非常依賴於相機的格式化方式)。該軟體適用於 Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Memory Sticks 以及其他媒體存儲卡。

MjM Free Photo Recovery Software will recover images that have been deleted from a memory card, or from memory cards that have been formatted. The easy-to-use interface will automatically detect the media card in the card reader and scan it, while displaying thumbnail images of the photos that are found during the scan. You can view each photos in full-size and recover them all or only save selected images. During our review, we first deleted all images from the card the via Windows - the program found and recovered all of them. We then formatted the card in the camera and restarted the search - and again it found them all (recovery results after formatting may vary depending on the formatting method used by the camera). Works with Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Memory Sticks and other media storage cards.