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Returnil Virtual System 2008 Personal Edition v2.0 中文版

Subscription: 12 months – software upgrades and Business Customer support included.
Platforms: Windows XP/ Windows Server 2003/ Windows Vista 32-bit
Download Size: 1.95 MB
Languages: 中文
Delivery: Electronic download

這是一個類似 Deep Freeze 的虛擬「影子系統」軟體,對於常常安裝測試軟體的朋友來說是一個非常棒而且必裝的工具,重要的是它是免費的,這個軟體的功能就是類似還原卡,安裝的時候會產生一個虛擬的磁碟分割區,利用「Protection Mode」切換保護功能的開關,在「ON」的狀態下,所有對於 C 分割區的變更在重新開機的時候都會失效,在「OFF」的狀態下則無作用,切換「Protection Mode」時都會重新開機。

The Returnil Virtual System Premium Edition is a powerful virtualization technology that completely mirrors your actual computer setup and it can create a virtual storage disk within your PC where you can save documents, data, and files while using the System Protection feature.

The security of computers connected to the Internet remains a problem. Despite the efforts of major Anti-malware companies, a high proportion of computer infections remain undetected, Internet crime continues to grow and new malware is being discovered at the rate of many tens of thousands of items per day. The situation is getting worse, proving that existing security technologies, whilst useful, are inadequate.

Even if you have a properly configured Firewall, an updated and frequently used Anti-Virus, practice safe surfing, never open attachments or click unfamiliar links, you will still likely become infected. Why? Because Anti-virus and Anti-spyware scanners are not able to cope with the enormous volume of new malware; estimated by recent surveys to be more than 30,000 new items appearing each day.