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Zipeg 2

Zipeg 允許你打開並且瀏覽 zip,rar 以及其它存檔文件當中的內容,在你執行/解壓縮這些存檔之前預覽其中的文件和圖像。從而只解壓縮你所需要的文件。發送到你的電子郵箱當中的圖片是 zip 壓縮存檔嗎?Zipeg 允許你決定想要提取什麼內容。你可以選擇提取什麼內容以及提取的文件放置到什麼位置或者對其進行拖拽操作。這是一種處理 Zip 壓縮存檔更安全(在提取之前進行瀏覽)且更智能的方式。

Zipeg is free utility for Windows. Zipeg opens and explores content of zip, rar, arj and other archives, preview files and images before you extract/unzip them. Extract only the files you want.Many documents and pictures such as jpeg files are emailed as zip archives. Zipeg allows you to decide what do you want to extract before your pollute your disk with gazillions of items. Using Zipeg you can double click on the item and automatically open the document in Preview or your preferred application before you extract it.