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WebEx Recorder and Player,由Cisco出品的螢幕錄影及播放工具

WebEx Recorder and Player 是一款電腦畫面錄製軟體,內建WRF(WebEx Recording Format)格式播放工具及螢幕錄影工具,您可選擇錄製桌面全畫面,或是單一程式畫面,且錄製出來的檔案相當輕巧。它錄製好的影片副檔名正是它專用的WRF格式,需要付費才能把影片轉回正常格式,不過 *.wrf 格式也很省空間。

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If you have recorded your own WebEx session, use free WebEx Player to watch it. The .WRF (WebEx Recording Format) player is used to watch recordings of WebEx sessions you've made yourself and saved to your computer. You can edit .WRF files and convert them to .WMV (Windows Media Video) format by using the WebEx Recording Editor, which is a separate download.

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