Taskbar Shadow – 給windows任務欄添加陰影效果

      當你想要把windows模擬成mac或者linux的時候,一定會需要Taskbar Shadow,因為它能夠給任務欄添加陰影效果,陰影的位置永遠朝向桌面中心,所以把任務欄放在桌面頂部的時候,陰影會在其下方。而陰影的透明程度能夠自由調節。

       Taskbar Shadow是一個單文件綠色版軟件,體積為600KB,能夠運行在大部分windows系統上面,像是xp和windows 7,在系統美化時這個應該是一個必不可少的工具。

       這個軟件運行後會立刻生效,不過你會發現在系統托盤中沒有這個軟件的圖標。因為Taskbar Shadow不需要這個。



What differentiates this tool from some other that are currently available is that Taskbar Shadow is location aware! this means that whether the taskbar is situated at the bottom, top, right or left, this tool works equally well. Previous app/s got separated into a couple of apps, if a user had Taskbar on Top or Bottom. These previous apps did not have Shadow options for Left or Right.

Taskbar Shadow creates a shadow for the taskbar in any position – bottom, top, right or left!
This is how the Windows 7 default taskbar looks.

This is how it looks when you run the tool.

Once the application is started, you can right-click the shadow to change Opacity.

Click on Opacity and use the slider to select the opacity.

To Exit, right-click the Shadow and Select Exit.