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97個免費 PowerPoint 佈景主題

【軟體名稱】 97個免費 PowerPoint 佈景主題
【軟體語言】 英文
【檔案格式】 rar
【檔案大小】 9.75MB
【解壓密碼】 無

These PowerPoint template kits are for your use only!
They can be used for any presentation your are creating, for yourself or for a client.
They may not be distributed, sold, or displayed on the Web by anyone except me.
To download, double-click on the EXE file in any of the selections below, specify where you want them saved, click "Okay", "Unzip", "Okay", and "Close".
Each template includes a matching button file (JPG or PNG format) which you can insert in your presentation where needed, apply brief text, and assign an action or hyperlink.