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LimeWire Basic 4.17.10 Beta

這是一個可以搜尋任何一個在網際網路上的個別電腦上的共享檔案的軟體;它相容於Gnutella軟體的共享檔案的協定,更可聯結至沒有使用Gnutella軟體的電腦上,在電腦一啟動時就會連結到LimeWire Gateway上。

LimeWire is a fast P2P file-sharing application, letting users share and search for all types of computer files, including movies, pictures, games, and text documents. The application's other features include dynamic querying, the ability to preview files while downloading, advanced techniques for locating rare files, and an extremely intuitive user interface.

* Ease of use - just install, run, and search
* Ability to search by artist, title, genre, or other metainformation
* Elegant multiple search tabbed interface
* "Swarm" downloads from multiple hosts help you get files faster
* iTunes integration for Mac and Windows users
* Unique "ultrapeer" technology reduces bandwidth requirements for most users
* Integrated chat
* Directly connect to a computer
* Browse host feature--even works through firewalls
* Added Bitzi metadata lookup
* International versions: Now available in many new languages
* Connects to the network using GWebCache, a distributed connection system
* Automatic local network searches for lightning-fast downloads
* Support for MAGNET links that allow you to click on web page links that access Gnutella