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Chrome Cleanup Tool 23.131.2,Chrome 清理工具,可修復 Chrome 瀏覽器被綁架的問題

Google 官方所推出 Chrome 清理工具 Chrome Cleanup Tool,可以尋找並清理會影響 Google Chrome 瀏覽器功能導致異常的軟體和元件進而解決問題。這個工具僅支援 Windows 作業系統,無須安裝,下載後執行即可使用,必須注意的是它並不是一個防毒軟體,不會檢測所有類型的電腦病毒,該軟體正處於測試階段,更多惡意程式會逐步被加入名單中。這個應用程式會掃描並移除可能導致 Chrome 發生問題的軟體,可能的問題包括:電腦當機、不尋常的起始網頁或工具列、無法關閉的奇怪廣告,或是其他讓您無法正常瀏覽網路的情況。

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To help find and remove unwanted programs on Windows computers, you can download and run the Chrome Cleanup Tool. It's an application that searches your computer for suspicious programs and offers to remove them for you. You might see an alert prompting you to download the Chrome Cleanup Tool if Chrome notices unusual behavior caused by unwanted software or malware. Unusual behavior includes crashing, showing unusual startup pages, toolbars, or unexpected ads you can't get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience.

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